Why become a Certified Brand?

Brands as distinguishing features and essential value factors are of great importance for small as well as for large companies, regions, associations, their customers and stakeholders, and the global economy. According to the latest studies of the European Brand Institute, the brand value represents on average around 40% of the company value - and the trend is rising!


Therefore, the ISO 20671 „Brand Evaluation“ has been developed in recent years for the measurement, management and reporting of brands. The new international standard is a framework that defines the dimensions for holistic brand management and enables companies, regions and associations to work efficiently to increase the brand value.


Certification Criteria, Certified Brand,  ISO 20671


„People buy brands not products!“ 

This statement applies to everyone in today’s global society. The consumer is loyal to the brand. Brand quality determines the success of a company. Ensuring continuous improvement should be a sustained process. This includes defining goals, developing strategies, promoting progress and controlling results. 


Make valuable brand quality visible

A company that is not certified can only claim to own quality. A company that is certified can prove this quality. The same applies to regions and associations. Through a clear and objective list of competences according to international criteria, quality is demonstrated in a comprehensible way - both intern and extern. In addition, the value of partners, investors, consumers and the public is increased by documenting the implementation of international standards. Thus, high quality becomes an economic advantage, because with the right marketing the certification will lead to increased sales figures.


Certified Brand creates brand awareness

The Certified Brand Seal of Approval is the first international seal of value for valuable brands, which is based on an objective evaluation process. It shows the value and future viability of a brand and it confirms all stakeholders that the brand management is capable implemented.

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